Welcome Today

We believe that everyday should be celebrated, embraced, and enjoyed, allowing the human spirit to be free and playful.


The philosophy behind Daycation is embodied by the single phrase: Welcome Today.

Welcome Today is about embracing the day, our community, and our surroundings. It is a collective attitude towards life embodied by everyone touched by the Daycation network.

At Daycation we have curated a network of beautiful, on-demand hotel amenities that you can reserve and unlock via our web and mobile apps. Our goal is to provide you with the feeling of instant vacation, realized through a social and relaxing day experience at an amazing partner property.

Simply choose a location, purchase your pass and enjoy our amazing hotels.

Meet our team

At Daycation we look to bring together those who are A to Z and beyond people. We are the ones with undying curiosity and ambition to see our vision come to life in the world before our eyes. We are the A to Z and beyond people, who do not stop at setbacks and who enjoy the journey together.

Matt Boney
Matt Boney

Co-founder & CEO

Alex Novo
Alex Novo

Co-founder & COO

Mo Soussi
Mo Soussi

Co-founder & CTO

Nour Essoussi
Nour Essoussi

Lead Frontend Engineer & UI Designer

Ligy Alarcon
Ligy Alarcon

Global Business Development

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Peter Boyce

Rough Draft Ventures

Laura Estefani

Venture City

John Santiago


Jason Calacanis

Launch Fund