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Underutilized amenities are similar to empty hotel rooms - just lost revenue. Daycation attracts local and traveling day guests to access hotel amenities including the pool, cabanas, spa, restaurants and other outlets.

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What Our Hotel Partners Say About Us

The James Hotel

Daycation allows us to fill our empty poolside space by accepting day guests. They are great partners and a pleasure to work with.

Lauren Schubert

Director of Marketing

The Confidante

Daycation attracts new high-quality guests that spend the day enjoying our hotel. The biggest benefit is that day guests directly add to our bottom line.

Richard Chandler

Director of Revenue

St. Regis Bal Harbour

Daycation keeps our facilities lively during slower periods, which maintains a positive atmosphere for our guests. What I like most is that daycation guests match our overnight guest profile.

Kadir Marrero

Spa Director

How Daycation Adds To Your Bottom Line
Use the calculator to forecast the impact of additional day guests


Average food and beverage spend per Daycation guest


Average Daypass price at our partner hotels

Number of Daily Guests
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Why You Should Use Daycation

Food & Beverage Spend

Restaurants enjoy an increase in traffic from Daycation guests. Our guests' income profiles allow them to spend freely at your outlets.

100% Free for Hotels

Our software and services are completely free for hotels to use with no upfront fees. We simply take a fee from each sale.

Activate New Sales Channels

Daycation allows hotels to benefit from a lucrative active environment of high-paying guests throughout the year.

Liven Up Your Hotel

Daycation helps you create the optimal atmosphere for your guests. The occupancy control is designed to do just that.

We Handle The Marketing

Don't worry about promoting your daypass, we'll take care of it. Our team of experts and social media influencers will drive traffic to you.

Improve Word of Mouth

Daycation guests promote your hotel to friends in the local area, which leads to an increase in traffic to on-property outlets and overnight stays.

Our Guests Profile
of guests are travelers
of guests are locals
of guests are top income earners

Real Reviews From Real Customers

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  • "We had an amazing day yesterday! We are native Miamians but rarely visit the beach and we had no idea what to expect at this hotel. The staff was very attentive and the food was exceptional. I will definitely recommend to my friends"

    - Laurel
  • "It was the perfect day at the pool. I plan to return. Love Daycation! The process was super easy. I hope they expand to more cities, the service is excellent."

    - Kai
  • "This daycation was absolutely perfect for my birthday! The hotel was beautiful, the pool was clean, the day bed also. The beach was also to die for! The ambiance of the place was very relaxing but lively! The place and the price are totally worth it and I highly recommend it!"

    - Stephanie
Our Offerings
DaypassesAn all-access pass that allows guests to experience the hotel for the day. This helps increase the occupancy of underutilized amenities such as the pool.
Spa AccessSpa access is a great option for locals looking to escape. On days when there are few spa appointments, offering spa amenity access at a premium to locals maximizes revenue for the spa.
Cabanas & DaybedsOffer locals and travelers a premium experience with your un-reserved cabanas and Daybeds. This is the ultimate way to for families, friends or even company retreats to spend an amazing and relaxing Daycation together.

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Learn how Daycation helps its partner hotels attract day guests. We’re also here to answer any questions you have.


Get Started

Ensure your packages and page are 100% to your liking. The last step is to formalize the partnership that will allow us to begin sending Daycation guests your way.


Let the Daycations Begin

You’re all ready to welcome your first guests! You’ll have full control of the offering, price, and availability at any time.

Daycation + Your Hotel

Your hotel is a perfect fit to accept local and traveling day guests. Our members have requested it over 63 times in the last 2 weeks and we thought we should let you know.

You'll be getting priority access to our executive team, Mo (CTO), Alex (COO), Pete (CGO) and MySelf (CEO).

Each of our hotel partners deserves 100% of our team's effort and we will be there to help you grow every step of the way.

We are all looking forward to hearing back from you!

Matt Boney
Founder | Daycation

Frequently Asked Questions
Yes! Daycation is 100% free for hotels. There are no setup, monthly or service fees. You'll never pay us a penny.
Hotels can blackout high occupancy days and holidays. Maintain full control over the amount and pricing of passes you sell each day.
Daycation guests are both locals and travelers looking for a short getaway. Guests hear about Daycation through friends, social media and digital campaigns.
The most obvious is the bottom line income that is added with day pass sales. Also, outlets benefit with an average of a $91 on-property spend with each reservation.
We take care of all refunds and cancellations.
Daycation guests check in at the front desk like normal overnight guests. We take care of occupancy updates, pricing, and cancellations. You’ll be given full access to the Daycation dashboard to update occupancy and pricing on your own as well.
A guest makes a purchase on our site. When we verify that the payment has been approved, we send them a receipt for their Daycation.
Daycation receives the payment from guests. We then pay the hotel at the end of the month.
Daycation keeps 30% of each reservation. We use our fees to cover customer service, marketing and just enough to keep the lights on.
You can start by setting up a demo. We will walk you through the platform in less than 10 minutes. The signup process is simple and is extremely easy to complete.