SLS South Beach

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Join us at SLS South Beach and indulge in full relaxation as you enjoy poolside food and drink service throughout the day. A Daycation at SLS South Beach offers a variety of experiences at our pools and beaches so you can lounge, soak up some sun and let the music take you far away. The amenities at SLS South Beach have been perfectly designed to provide day guests exclusive service which will make your day unforgettable. Upon arrival, guests will be surrounded by a relaxing environment - ideal for a getaway and striking, contemporary public spaces.



1701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA


  • Monday-Sunday: 10AM-6PM


  • Check in at the SLS South Beach front desk with your Daycation confirmation and a valid photo ID.


  • Valet parking is available for all Daycation guests for $25 for the first 6 hours and $35 for over 6 hours. Street parking is also available near the hotel. Holiday or Special Event weekend rates may vary.

Cancellation Policy

  • All Daycations cancelled by 10AM on the day of your reservation will receive a full refund.

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4.86  |  66 Reviews








Beach Pass • Aug 2023

We ve spent a very nice moment, I recommend it

Beach Pass • Jul 2023

We had quite a few passes for a 50th birthday gathering. Everyone from greeters, front desk and employees by the pool and beach were so nice with helping us. Servers were great. All of us had a great time!

Beach Pass • Jul 2023

We did the beach day pass. Everything was smooth and we enjoyed our time on the beach. Valet park for $25. Hotel has day party and pool as well. The margritas were good!!!

Beach Daybed • Jul 2023

We had an amazing 4th July on a daybed at the beach! We loved the prosecco and that you can order food and drinks to the bed. Huge shoutout to all the staff working that day – they were super kind and attentive, even though it was so hot!

Beach Pass • May 2023

Got the Beach Pass for my family, check in is at the beach. We wee handed towels and we were taken care. Food was slow, as you can expect since they have to bring it from the hotel. The good part is that with the beer it came in a bucket with is to keep it cold

Beach Pass • May 2023

My wife and daughter had a great time - the drinks and food were a little expensive but that’s Miami Beach in general

Daypass • Apr 2023

So fun and way worth the $

Beach Daybed • Sep 2022

We had a nice relaxing day bed on the beach. The bed came with a bottle of prosecco and waters. It was very relaxing! I wish there were more options to choose from for food but what we ordered was good.

Beach Pass • Aug 2022

Great Day on the Beach! Everyone was helpful & friendly. Highly recommend!

Daypass • Aug 2022

Fun day, good food and drink, excellent service. Shout out to Ladonna who filled the day with energy and laughter.

Daypass • Aug 2022

I had a long layover in Miami and thus had luggage with me. The hotel doesn't hold luggage unless you are a room guest so I had to bring my luggage to the pool with me. Good thing I only had a carryon bag. Not listed in the description, but they do have 1 shower in the fitness center which is helpful.

Daypass • Jun 2022

LaDonna was absolutely a blast to have as our server! She was very friendly and made me and my girls feel like Rockstar's the whole time we were there. That new spin on a Green Tea shot was delicious and now I have to have people in Washington state get on that haha! The cabana was awesome and was above and beyond our expectations, overall a great experience! I would just have a little more snack food for pool people instead of eating something heavy but other then that it was lovely

Daypass • Jul 2022

Had a great time with my friends and so happy I have discovered this daycation app. Definitely will be using this again in the future.

Cabana • May 2022

Santi and service were great! Unfortunately, we didn’t have towels the entire day and because it was included, we didn’t bring anything.

Beach Pass • May 2022

Had a good time besides the fact I lost my wallet lol but the place is nice and worth the money

Daypass • Apr 2022

Overall good and great vibe at the pool. But disappointed by service and cleanliness/

Beach Pass • Apr 2022

It was very nice

Cabana • Apr 2022

Had an amazing experience!

Beach Daybed • Feb 2022

Lovely as always

Beach Pass • Feb 2022

Everything was fine, but not more than that. The chairs and towels were fine, nothing spectacular. The service was far from top notch. Friendly enough, but not very attentive. Chips and guacamole took almost 90 minutes. To their credit they took it off the bill and were apologetic. A nice day on the beach, just don’t think you are getting a luxury experience in any way.

Beach Daybed • Feb 2022

It was our third time there. We love it

Daypass • Jan 2022

This was a good daycation, booked last minute and was glad I did. The staff could’ve been more attentive and food and drinks weren’t anything to write home about but the pool and beach amenities were worth it.

Daypass • Jan 2022

Service was great , the food wasn’t anything out of this world , it was just ok. Wish this sls had a spa but over all everything was great our server Stephanie was very attentive .

Daypass • Jan 2022

I had a great experience with our SLS Daycation pass. We had no issues getting in, amenities and expectations were clear, everything was a breeze!

Daypass • Dec 2021

Great experience. Didn’t have the chaises so we were given a daybed!

Beach Pass • Sep 2021

It was great. Great chair, towel, location, energy and wait staff.

Daypass • Sep 2021

Celebrated our anniversary at SLS South Beach and we truly had a great time. The staff was helpful and attendant. The environment was also very nice, not too crowded and they had good music playing at the pool.

Beach Pass • Sep 2021

The experience was phenomenal. Hotel staff was so helpful and kind. The only unpleasant experience was with the staff at the beach. The staff member in particular was a bit rude, and I understand they are just trying to do their job and make sure all goes smooth, but they could've been more kind. Nonetheless, my overall experience was amazing and I am certainly planning on coming back.

Daypass • Aug 2021

The perfect vibe. Great service and an awesome pool!

Beach Pass • Aug 2021

We had the best day!

Daypass • Aug 2021

The service was incredible and the pool party was fun.

Daypass • Aug 2021

SLS is always top notch, staff and servers treat you as if you are staying at the hotel. Beautiful pool area

Daypass • Aug 2021

Our experience was awesome at the SLS. The service was great as was the food and drink. There was a fun party vibe all day. The chairs were a little dirty as we’re the towels which was our only problem

Daypass • Aug 2021

Very relaxing and highly recommend getting one of the fresh coconuts! I

Daypass • Aug 2021

Fun! Also relaxing and refreshing. Highly recommend!

Beach Pass • Aug 2021

It was fantastic!

Beach Pass • Jul 2021

Great time, easy check in

Daypass • Jun 2021

I had a great time. The hotel is beautiful and inviting. The pools were gorgeous and lots of friendly people. The service was fair, there was a private party going on as well maybe staff was preoccupied. I thought the bathrooms were just ok. Food and drinks were good.

Daypass • May 2021

It was great, we will be doing this way more often!

Beach Pass • May 2021

Great experience! Definitely worth the money. Concierge Fernando was awesome and our server Paula was the best!!!!

Beach Pass • May 2021

I had a good day vacation with my friend and people from the hotel were very courteous and agradable

Beach Pass • May 2021

We had a lovely experience. The hotel is beautiful and the staff is very helpful. I would recommend it.

Beach Pass • Apr 2021

I booked a beach pass but when I arrived I learned there was a wind advisory and umbrellas were unavailable. Fortunately the hotel was very accommodating and allowed me to switch to pool side.

Beach Pass • Apr 2021

Hotel staff was very kind.

Beach Pass • Feb 2021

Great beach. Attentive chair and umbrella staff. One server for the whole beach is losing them money. 20% tip included on high prices is fine. Just add one more server and people will be much happier. Instructions from the front desk to the beach are vague and I got lost at the pool for a bit :)

2 For 1 Weekday Daypass • Feb 2021

Great amenities and staff.

Beach Pass • Feb 2021

Everyone was very nice and our beach chairs and umbrellas were waiting for us when we arrived.

Cabana • Feb 2021

Enjoyed our Daycation at SLS but the service was not great. It didn’t ruin our day but they were very under staffed. Other than that, we loved it. Easy check in. Definitely would use Daycation again! Great concept and perfect for day trips!

2 For 1 Weekday Daypass • Feb 2021

The SLS was excellent. Staff was accommodating and covid precaution was taken all around. Pool was beautiful and food was delicious.

Beach Daybed • Jan 2021

I had the beach bed day pass... bed was provided not the chairs, the reservation was not showing on the server documents but they assisted once I showed the confirmation. No access to the bathroom from outside, you need to walk all the way to the front of the hotel to come back in. Food and drinks ok

2 For 1 Weekday Daypass • Jan 2021

Excellent service. Cassandra was great. Nice vibe.

Beach Pass • Jan 2021

The staff directed us directly to the beach and our chairs were waiting for us when we arrived. The service on the beach was great

2 For 1 Weekday Daypass • Jan 2021

The staff on the beach was super nice and the beach was peaceful. We enjoyed our stay here.

Daypass • Dec 2020

Very friendly staff and excellent customer service!! Just that the pool and beach was too cold to get in!

2 For 1 Weekday Daypass • Nov 2020

Easy to book. Not big variety of places but guess it’s just due to covid

October 2 For 1 Daypass • Nov 2020

Food and drinks are pricey even for Miami Beach, but staff was amazing. Especially Nick!

Beach Daybed • Nov 2020

Beautiful property! It's quite a little walk to the beach and there is no convenient bathroom. The lunch menu is a bit limited and lunch took 45 minutes but the staff were lovely. The beach is beautiful/amenities are beautiful.

Beach Daybed • Oct 2020

Great experience! had a blast, super recommended. Excellent service, all was ready when we arrived and had an amazing day at the beach.

Daypass • Oct 2020

it was amazing, hotel staff was great.

Cabana • Sep 2020

Everything was great! Alexa was our server and she was incredible!

Cabana • Sep 2020

The SLS cabana was very good. The servers were very attentive and the food arrived hot, and was very tasty if overpriced, as south beach is ($19 for a chicken wrap). They were running short on towels, which has happened to us at other hotels. Makes me think they are not ready for a full house and trying to run the show cost efficiently. It also rained on Labor Day - so it's hard to predict how many people you need for service, espically when hotels haven't been able to be open at capacity from this whole pandemic thing. And keep an eye on the cost of parking. When we were leaving I was paying cash and the attendant said $45, and we live here and know it's $25 for the day. I'm sure it was an honest mistake.

Daypass • Aug 2020

Everything was great

Beach Pass • Aug 2020

The staff was great and they worked hard.

Daypass • Aug 2020

It was great, very spaced out and clean. Drinks and food were a bit pricey but tasted very good. Its south beach prices.

Daypass • Aug 2020

My daycation and staycation went great. I was able to disconnect from real world for a few hours and be 20 minutes away from home. Staff was amazing!

Daypass • Aug 2020

Had the perfect day! So easy to just book and go! Perfect daycation ♥️